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No Pain, No Gain

April 7, 2008

Well, I’m under way with my new workout routine that I recently started.  I’m very excited about the possibilities that I have to share with my readers, but I’m wanting to teach a few things along the way, so let me start with what happened to me this week.

The first day I worked out doing exercises for my chest, shoulders and biceps.  Needless to say, having been away from the weights, my body resisted.  No, wait – it SCREAMED!  The lactic acid that flows into the muscles as a by product of being worked created a bit of pain.  In fact, it took my muscles about 4 days to subside from that pain.  Now, I’m not hoping to scare anyone away.  I’m just being honest.  Anticipate a bit of pain.  And if you don’t , then you’re lying to yourself.  When you save for a car or a house, is that the easiest thing to do?  When you put out your heart to find a true love, that can be painful as well.  So this is no different.

My goal of losing about 2 lbs. per week was fixed last week in my mind.  Losing more than 2-3 lbs. can take away muscle in the process, so I’m fine with losing a bit each week.  So I ate real well all week, kept my calories and macronutrients in check, ate the right amount of proteins, carbs and fats, drank lots of water, varied what I ate…and then this morning I found out that my scale was broke.  Um…well, it wasn’t really broke.  It just didn’t tell me what I wanted it to.  

I panicked.  I admit it.  I did.  I couldn’t believe that all of my hard work, new found efforts and sweat weren’t paying off.  It took me 5 minutes plus a nod of affirmation from a friend to remind of a secret subject…water weight fluctuations.  See, women and men are different.  Women can see changes in their weight more readily due to their menstrual cycle.  But men can see changes as well.  Here are a few reasons for water weight fluctuations:
1.  Prescription and OTC medicines and supplements
2.  PMS
3.  High Sodium meal or day prior to weighing in
4.  Macronutrient Change – more carbs than usual the day before
5.  Diseased state
6.  Poor sleep habits
7.  Extreme lower-body muscle soreness
8.  Air Travel

So upon looking through this list, I had 2 possibilities.  Currently taking Diovan for my hypertension could be a reason.  After doing some research I found this not to be the case.  Extreme lower-body muscle soreness however sounded familiar.  Remember up above when I mentioned my muscles being sore the first day of working out that lasted 4 days.  Well, my legs weren’t exactly sore-free either – from both my workout and from biking a few miles into a mild typhoon over the weekend.  So, perhaps my scale isn’t broke after all.

At the end of the day, I will not resort to excuses.  I ate well, worked out well, and there are some opportunities for improvement, so let’s not lie.  But when you are starting any kind of workout, new eating regimen, don’t give up at the first sign that all is not as you anticipated.  Keep up the new habits, give them a chance to thrive and keep your goal ever fresh in your mind.

Finally…be proud of your sweat.  Don’t wipe it off!  Wear it as a badge of honor.  You worked hard to product that sweat!

If  you’ve lost any amount of weight and want to boast – please add it to my comments and let the world know.

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