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How to overcome obstacles in your workouts

April 10, 2008

This blog is the 2nd personal blog I’ve written.  An odd confession I have is that at my other blog I was pretty good at creating things, but I was emulating what other people had come up with and rarely found new stuff I could own.  For this blog, although new in conception, I have found almost NO problem in coming up with things that I’ve learned.  Many of the ideas may be commonplace or basic at times, but you can’t hear the truth too many times.

This morning I woke up with a sluggish feeling.  The babies were up in the middle of the night and my pillow was not only gently calling my name, it had somehow adhered velcro to the side of my head and wouldn’t let me go.  I finally pulled it off of me and headed to work out.

Normally my 2nd workout of the week is my legs – the thighs, hamstrings, and calves.  I love legs, especially thighs because of the success I had with them in the past.  They are one of the biggest muscles in your body and can really help burn fat.  Imagine my inner turmoil when I grabbed some weights to warm up and do some lunges and realized my hamstrings were not going to play with me today.  I was crushed.  I wanted those legs to burn, but not like this!  Now I had a few choices – I could quit and jump back in bed, try a different exercise or continue cursing at my aging body.  I decided to forego all of these and did the simplest thing I could do within my power at the time.  I switched body parts to exercise for the day.

On Sunday I typically put together my workouts for the week and have them at hand.  Having formed this habit, I had my Back, Triceps and Trapezius workout nearby.  I grabbed it, reset my iPod’s music and I went to town.  I was pretty happy with my decision because not only did I get some activity in, I was productive and it also gave my legs another day to heal.  

The long and short of it is simply this:  if you want to succeed, you CAN find a way.  Pain is a subjective item.  Some times you can push through and some times your body is trying to tell you to lay off.  I took my body’s signals and altered my plans because my desire to succeed was great enough and I knew I could improvise my workout without causing any further pain.  

Find a way!

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