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How to be successful in your plans

April 11, 2008

Any successful weight loss/fitness program includes a level of accountability.  Think about it.  At work, at some level, you are held accountable to do your work, right? If you’re lower to mid-level you are held accountable by your supervisor. If you are on the higher levels, you’re held accountable by your Board, your stockholders, your customers, etc. We’re all held accountable and when we are, that is when success occurs. So why do we think it’s OK to diet and not tell anyone or have someone hold your feet to the fire?

Here’s a common scenario – “My spouse is my accountability partner.” Are they? What do they hold you accountable for? Are they strong enough and have you given them permission to ask the hard questions and to restrict you from a reward or take away something when a goal is not met? Marriage and relationships can be hard enough, so giving permission is crucial. But why test the marriage by putting that out there? Only use your spouse/partner to hold you accountable if character on both sides is strong enough.

My recommendation is to have a co-worker or friend be your accountability partner. They can both encourage you on the highs, discourage you on the lows and they don’t live with you! So if you get mad at them holding you to your word, it’s no skin off their backside. Once you’ve cooled down the next day, you’ll come to your senses and realize they are only doing what you asked them to do.

This blog is one of many ways to hold myself accountable. I’m still adjusting my plans, but by next week I hope to make public my upcoming goals. Right now I’m a bit ahead of schedule, but I may have some faulty equipment that I’m checking on to ensure I’m providing the right information – to you AND me. I also have an online coach and community that I refer to at If you need help on an ongoing basis, I highly recommend this site. You won’t be disappointed and I vouch for the results because my successes came from this site. While my blog reflects many ideas learned from this site, I will add this disclaimer that many come from my own experiences and opinions.

If you don’t already, seek out an accountability partner, allow them to keep you to your goals and you will be one step closer to your goals.


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