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Visualize for results and ultimately success

April 12, 2008


This morning I was finally able to get into my Legs workout.  My plan, as always, is to do 2 exercises per bodypart.  For my quads I’m scheduled to do Lunges along with some leg extensions.  Now, I knew I was coming off a small “injury” from last week where my hamstrings were a bit achey.  So I had a small feeling things might not go as planned.  I knew that wasn’t the case today, however, because I felt pretty good after some stretching.  So I buckled down, picked up my dumbbells and started lunging.  Started.

As I went forward, I felt something awkward in my right leg that I had never felt before there while exercising.  PAIN.  I paused for a bit, tried the left leg and had no problem.  Went back to the right – uh, oh!  The pain was still there.  I am no doctor, but I’m only guessing I pulled something in there.  OK, the 40 year old body was trying to cheat me from another workout.  It seems to be a familiar theme by now.  

A strong tool you can use to overcome these challenges is called visualization.  Sit down, zone out what’s around you, and picture in your mind the activity you’ll be engaging in.  It doesn’t even have to be working out, it might be a scenario at work or what have you.  Play out the scene – what you’ll do, how you will respond and see success occurring.  Allow yourself to feel it all.  How the room smells, your heart rate, any emotions you’d go through, etc.  Hey, it’s your mind, so play it out as slow as you want for more detailed visualization.  Then, for insurance, play out the scene a 2nd time – but this time picture how you’ll respond if things don’t go 100% your way.  Observe in your mind how you respond and then analyze if a better action you took in the exercise might give better results.  

Fast forward back to this morning.  I was optimistic I would be successful in all of my attempts.  But there is always that one chance.  I could have given up.  I could have shucked it all to come back another day.  Instead I recalled my visualizations.  One was on what I should do if this were to occur.  The other visualization I pictured was an ever stronger picture – my appearance, esteem and character after my goals were met by not giving up.  In doing so, I skipped the exercise, did some leg extensions which I was able to do with no pain, and then completed my workout.

I would admit a small voice played in my head over the disappointment of not being able to do the lunges.  But the bigger voice I heard and still hear is that I tried my best.  Plus the fact that while doing my leg extensions, another quads exercise, I still worked them enough to result in a little quakey standing as I made breakfast after my workout.  So I will live to lunge again.  And if my body says no, then I will make the proper adjustments which may include switching out exercises or taking another look at my form to ensure I am doing the exercise correctly.

You can succeed.  See it, believe it, achieve it.


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