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Keep the Fire Burning

April 13, 2008

This morning I was successful in my cardio attempts.  Yesterday’s quad sores in my right leg were evident at the beginning of my run, but I was able to “test” it and pushed through after one block.  Good thing, too!  I was able to increase my MPH and did 2 miles in 21:30 as opposed to 24 minutes last week.  Small victories…

I thought it was good time today to talk a bit about nutrition and its importance in a healthy lifestyle.  Again, I would assert that the media or the public at large would have you believe that Americans eat every day is healthy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  SOME corporations place nutritional info in deceptive manners.  Infomercials would have you believe the “Magic Pill” is the solution to it all.  I won’t get into all of that today; it’s simply too big of a topic.  But I will touch on a few.

Whenever I want to be a healthy eater, I realized I must take the hint from some reputable sources and eat 5-6 meals per day.  We’re not talking the meals you may be used to, mind you.  We’re talking about lower calorie, smaller portion meals with a healthy % of carbs, protein and fat.  Again, a very indepth subject, but at the surface, let’s continue.  Imagine a fire that gets started.  How do you keep the heat going and consuming the wood?  You toss in small branches!  The heat feeds on those branches and then in short while you need to put a few more in.  If you put a big log in, there is more surface area to heat and the fire takes longer to heat the room or consume the wood.  OK, so imagine that fireplace is your stomach.  By eating smaller meals throughout the day, your stomach is able to consume that food faster and less is converted to fat (assuming your fat content is low as well).  This basic system is called metabolism and is very important to your well-being.  If you’re an active person, you may require more carbs or protein in one feeding, but if your goal is weight loss, keep your fire burning by maintaining your metabolism at a better rate.

Again, this subject is at a surface level discussion.  There are many other variables, but we’ll touch on those in time.  Digest this post and we’ll touch back on it as this journey continues.  Feel free to ask any urgent indepth questions in the comments section below!


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