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How to Keep Motivated

April 27, 2008

There are many times that we get down on ourselves.  Whether work, personal life or family, it CAN be tough sometimes.  

Look at your normal day.  Then look at the decisions you must make each day.  Then look at all the potential things that COULD go wrong…  It’s overwhelming at times, but on any given day, consider the very worst that could go wrong during ANY day and you’ll soon see that life could always go more horrendous, regardless of your circumstances.  But, let’s not focus on that.  There are so many better things that you could put your heart into.

Sometime after you read this article, make a list of things you would like to accomplish.  Make it 20 items if possible.  Include the time you wake up, the foods you eat, what time you get to work, a few work items, kissing the spouse and children, reading a few pages in your book, working out or simply taking a walk.  Within your list, be sure to include one special item that is part of an overall larger goal.  Family vacation, remodelling a part of the house, or changing one bad habit.  Put this item at the VERY top in bold, so that it remains paramount to everything else.

Tonight when you go to bed, put this list by your watch or conspicuous place when you nod off so that it is the first thing you see.  It will be the last thing you read and the first thing in the morning.  By focusing on these items, you’re a few steps closer to accomplishing that list.  If on the first few days you don’t get everything accomplished, add it to your list the next day.  And when you make the next day’s list, congratulate yourself on what you did get done that day.  Life is about making the right choices and taking things one at a time.  Soon you’ll find that you’re progressing more than you gave yourself credit.  Then make that next overarching goal a bit larger.  You will gain confidence, increase your self-esteem and discover a part of you that you’ll enjoy – and so will others.

What else do YOU do that keeps you motivated in life?

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