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How to motivate your running and fitness program

May 10, 2008

Well, it’s been a busy last few weeks, but I’m happy to say that I’m back home…at least for a few more days before I’m back out on the road.  My job keeps me around the office most of the time, but the last few weeks have been a bit different which has not allowed me to keep up on my blog.  First and foremost, as you can see, I did make the investment and purchased some new shoes as well as a SportBand.  The Sportband and shoes, both part of Nike’s NikePlus program has been an educational experience.  Many people jumped on the Apple/Nike bandwagon last year when the iPod Nano was adapted to work with your Nike shoes and give you your running info.  That technology has expanded now to the SportBand which does not require an iPod.  In fact, I also found the SportBand and sensor don’t necessarily require Nike Plus shoes either and that there are adaptations and pouches you can wear for non-Nike shoes.  A shoe salesman even told me that Asics is planning to manufacture future shoes for NikePlus users, but I found nothing online to support that theory.

OK, enough about all of this – the SportBand simply rocks.  As you can see above, the data back from my run this morning shows some cool info including your pace at individual mile markers (not your average pace, but pace at that specific point).  A few other clicks and you can view the calories burned (based on your weight that you enter into settings).  There is also an area where you can view your runs by the week represented as a bar chart.  You can join challenges (such as Mac users vs. PC users, Democrats vs. Republicans, etc.).  

Now, the program that Nike has put together is not totally without its flaws.  I have had good luck with the calibration of distance, but today’s 3 mile run only shows 2.83 miles.  I noted between miles 1 and 2 that my sensor wasn’t communicating properly with my Band even though my chronometer was continuing to count just fine.  A minor flaw that may simply work itself out, but I’ll certainly keep my results up and running on this blog.  Another flaw that I’m amazed at and communicated to Nike is their widget capability.  There are 2 widgets currently available that track your challenges as well as your goals.  It would appear that neither widgets are compatible with Mac/Leopard users.  This lack of functionality despite the fact that in the Mac vs. PC user challenge, there are almost 3X as many Mac users as PC users!  C’MON NIKE – listen to your community!!!  The other wish on my list is that Nike would allow you to email users and then broaden the community that much more.  It may be a privacy issue for now, but it only makes sense in this day and age of social media that you allow your users to be social with one another.

As for my weight loss/fitness program, I’m continuing to progress.  I’m down over 15 lbs. as I approach the end of 6 weeks.  In addition, not only am I stronger, but I my cardio is in much better shape as I note I can run longer periods of time without stopping to walk.  I highly encourage all out there to stick with whatever program you have – it didn’t take your body 2 weeks, 6 weeks or even a few months to gain the weight that you’re at.  You must take some effort to get it off.  But trust me – when it does come off it is SO much worth it.

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