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Prepare and enjoy the rest of the day

May 14, 2008

This morning I had the incredible opportunity to run alongside a Lake Okoboji trail while on a business event.  I woke up around 6:30 AM and was fortunate to have an informative front desk staff clue me in to a trail that was literally across the street from where I stayed.  I felt the new energy coursing through my body and also fed off of the energy of the music I knew I’d be listening to on my iPod Shuffle.  I programmed a few new tunes, but also included some oldies but goodies including a dance mix of Sarah McLachlan’s.  In the end, I had my best run of the day including a time with few lost signals from the Nike+ Sportband.  Not only was the run the best I’ve had in terms of pace and time, but it was quite scenic as the picture shows of Okoboji at sunset/sunrise.

Lesson learned on this trip?  Make plans to fit your workout in and do your research.  The internet has a great list of resources, but I would have never known about this trail had I not asked a warm body and not a machine for recommendations.  The outcome for the day was quite positive because of this run.  I was up late the night before tweaking a presentation and although I didn’t “feel” like losing sleep by waking up early, I was certainly glad I did.  I knew that I was the only one in that room today who had taken advantage of a beautiful setting and a beautiful morning and put 3 miles into the bank.  I enjoyed that sense of accomplishment in and of itself; the great time/pace was simply icing on the cake.  

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