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Is IT in you?

June 2, 2008

Perhaps I’ll get reprimanded by Gatorade, Nike and Marvel for this post, but I love this question and found the solution today during my run.  For the past 5-6 weeks I’ve been wanting a new pair of running shoes.  The ones I have are 5 years and then some.  Now, they have not been properly used all those years, but they are worth replacing just the same.  Being flat footed and an overpronator, I need a motion control shoe.  After looking through Road Runner Sports catalog and website, I thought I had it figured out.  A phone consultant suggested I try out a stability shoe called the Nike+ Equalon.  Very sweet shoe, lightweight and I really liked it.  But it didn’t like me and soon my overpronation was too much for the shoe and I had to re-order.  This time I chose the Asics Evolution 7.  Today was my first run in the shoe.

Being an overpronator is difficult.  Sometimes a shoe requires you to take its factory made insole out so that you can replace it with an orthotic insole like I have – to support the lack of arch more, etc.  I decided this would be the case and replaced the insoles and started running.  I was feeling good and then at .75 miles into the run, my arch (or lack of) started burning something fierce.  It was so bad, I took my shoes off and walked barefoot back to the house.  With a goal of running 6 miles for the first time this season, I was disappointed and at a crossroads.  Do I just chalk the run up to failure and let the arch rest…or should I change out the insoles and give it a go once again?  I had 30 minutes or so to determine the answer as I walked back home.

By the time my hand hit the doorknob, I knew I couldn’t just let the run slide for the day.  So I changed out the insoles and thought I would let the shoe decide for me.  I reset my SportBand, set my Shuffle to a new song and started out once again.  

My mind wanted to play a few tricks on me.  “Gee, Jeff, since you already ran .75 miles, you only need 5.25 to go.”  I quickly dismissed this initial thought – my goal was 6 miles non-stop.  My mind checked in once in a while with the same thought and I continued to push it away.

At 3.4 miles in, I soon realized something.  Whether it was the music, the weather, the outlook, etc. I could feel it.  At some point I had entered “The Zone.”  I had IT.  Many people may have various definitions, but for me, I was experiencing a runner’s high, a feeling that I was progressing and I was not as focused on my efforts as I was in enjoying the run, the music, everything around me.  Once I felt this, I knew that I had IT in me.  And IT pushed me through so that I did not walk, did not even consider it, as I ran for my goal.  I was not interested so much in my time, as much as I was in simply hitting that 6 mile goal.  I became a machine with one fixed goal.  I was Iron Man!  

As I rounded the last corner and heard Eminem tell me I had “one shot, one opportunity” I then saw my neighbor loading a car.  I waved and said “Good Morning” as I closed in on the last steps and I realized that I wasn’t out of breath.  I was tiring, but IT guided me.

If you’re looking for IT, I can’t say where IT is for you exactly.  All I know is that IT is out there.  Sometimes it’s in the last place you might expect.  But I do know IT is there for all of us.  

Perhaps Gatorade and Nike have been on to something all along and I never figured it out.  

“Is IT in you?”      “Just Do It.”

All I know is that I hope IT now stays in me for a while.  Life is much sweeter!

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  1. Erin from IL permalink
    June 23, 2008 2:39 pm

    Hi…been reading your journal since you posted it last week. I just wanted to let you know I love reading it. It motivates me and pushes me some days when I don’t have IT. Today I had IT. Feels good. Now if only we could bottle IT….

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