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How to Refresh Your Batteries

June 5, 2008

What seems like an easy topic is something that must be said time and time again. We live in a world that increases its pace each and every year. Computers and other technology are said to be designed to allow us to work faster – and I guess they do, but expectations are increased as well. So we end up work harder and faster. Where is the tipping point?

Job satisfaction can be trying at times, but take some simple advice – allow yourself a break.

If you’re like me, when you are engaged with work, you’re engaged. I get energized and exhaust all efforts to complete a project. But, I fail to recognize at times that life is cyclical. Energy does not last forever. And what many times may feel like exhaustion or burn-out is simply this – it’s just time to consider vacation time.

Taking a vacation does not imply you’re a weenie by any stretch of the imagination. You work hard for your dollars and your job should offer vacation time. Most do because it’s a widely held fact that the body needs rest. Vacations are not taken as often as they used to and that is why satisfaction has taken to the Dark Side.

Taking a break in whatever fashion is a smart choice. Just a day off can be refreshing. If possible, start by moving your work to a different location once a week or month. Bring some work, pick up the laptop and camp out at a coffeehouse for a day. You might be amazed at how energizing a new location can be to your productivity and to your well-being. But better yet, unplug all together, plan a weekend getaway or tropical excursion and get OUT OF TOWN!

Vacations allow rest. Vacations allow you to get your life back into its proper perspective. Vacations allow time to reflect, time to enjoy life and time to spend with loved ones. Vacation gives you time to think on how you might improve things when you get back home. Vacation gives you time to plan your next vacation. And at the end of the week, you just might be looking forward to getting back to work, ready to apply some new principles you imagined or dreamed up. You should find that your batteries are charged up; if they aren’t then perhaps you learned something and that your job is not where you should be.

Workouts require vacations too. To ensure your body is not overworked or nearing injury, take a week break every 12 weeks or so. Allow rest, get a massage and sleep in for the week. You’ll come back feeling fresh and ready with new goals to accomplish.

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