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Better than Ice Cream

June 9, 2008

Life is full of surprises – if you will allow them to occur.

At the beginning of the year, I was out of shape, overweight, and would huff a bit after climbing a flight of steps. I was knowing of the need to change, but thought the taste of my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream provided all the satisfaction I needed. For the 20 minutes it took me to consume 1/4 gallon (or more), I was in heaven and looking forward to the next encounter. It was about short term gain along with long term weight gain.

Today, some 5 months later, I’m a changed man. Take yesterday as an example. Not only was I able to run 7 miles. I did so in under 9 minutes per mile! Hey, I’m 40 – I’m not supposed to be able to do that! But I did. And you can, too – I’m here to tell you.

The taste of cookie dough ice cream is one I miss. I admit it. But the thrill in knowing of my accomplishments – and in telling others – is so much more worth it. Think of it this way – ANYONE can talk about eating ice cream. ANYONE. Who has the bragging rights to say they have lost almost 30 lbs. and can run a little more each week including plans to run a 5K and a Half-Marathon by end of year??? I do and I’m proud to shout it from the mountain top. BUT, I’m also hear to shout out that YOU can make things happen as well – whether you are 40, 50, 60 or whatever age.

Bottom Line: Dream Big. Set a goal, put together some solid reasons why you want that goal so that you cannot be deterred from your goal and then GO GET IT.

As I’ve done in the past – here is my most recent run:

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