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College Football is Back – and so are the Missouri Tigers

August 29, 2008

I may be 40 years old, but I’m as giddy as a school girl as I eagerly await the Tigers home opener on Saturday night against Illinois.  Missouri is picked left and right for winning the Big 12 and even going as far as a National Title.  The blogs are clicking left and right, the predictions are all over the place.  But as the smoke clears, the evidence looks pretty strong.

After Illinois, Missouri looks to face 3 lesser challenges in the month of September.  Going into November they look to go 4-0.  Does that sound cocky?  We have one of the best college QB’s in the nation, a Heisman candidate last year and likely another this year.  We have Jeremy Maclin, a stud with so many all-purpose yards they’ll determine a new category for him on SportsCenter.  Our defense brings back 10 starters from last year.  And the coaching staff has been together under Gary Pinkel to give even more consistency to the program.  The state is behind the Tigers – and those who no longer live in beloved Mizzou.  

It’s Thursday night, but it feels like Christmas Eve.  Then it’s Tiger Time!

Do you think Mizzou can go all the way?

For extra impact for fellow Mizzou fans – remember this scene from last year when we showed the Jayhawks why we actually deserved the Orange Bowl bid?

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