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Running Companies Here for the Journey

May 3, 2009

I’m taking a few days off, all planned mind you, to give my body a break. I’ve run 33 miles so far and tomorrow is my 10 mile long run. I’ve taken the break off to do some reading off and online. Enter social media. As social media continues to climb into the minds of corporations, this is true in the running industry as well.  Take note of Brooks if you haven’t already with their creation of the Running Superfans.  These guys are awesome and I hope we see more of the Carls.  Here is one of their clips:

Brooks on Twitter

Brooks on Twitter

Brooks also has created a great Twitter account that I interacted with yesterday, @brooksrunning.  Other running companies have also created Twitter accounts, such as Asics @myasics, Saucony @saucony, and of course, Garmin’s own @jakesjournal.  Jake represents Garmin well, keeping us updated on their great products and events.  Putting a name to the company is great strategy and makes the interaction much more personal.

Is this list exhaustive?  Absolutely not!  There are many other great organizations to list – and that is where I need your help!  If you have others to list, please do so in the comments list and I’ll update this list as I get those comments so there is one great resource list for us all.

Thank you to those who care enough about us runners to not only engage us in social media, but to talk back.  It’s nice to know some companies actually appreciate their customers.

OK – and finally, I have to post this additional clip from the Running Superfans about nipples.  Anyone who has run a few long ones can certainly relate – and then laugh hysterially:

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