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Four Ways to Resolve Running Injuries

May 15, 2009

Despite a possible injury or two, my training continues! With that said, injuries are nothing to overlook because some can turn into something much worse that could prolong your journey back to running/training.  Shin splints, mentioned in the video are very common for runners and can stem from over training, increasing mileage too soon, the need for new shoes or even the surfaces you are running on.  There are many injuries, too many to list, but its important to listen to your body.  An attempt to run through a few injuries is worth an attempt, but if it truly hinders your ability and mobility, take a few days off and possibly consider visiting your physician for more information.  Evaluate your training.

  1. Are you increasing your mileage from one week to the next by more than 3-5 miles?
  2. Are you alternating the surfaces you are running on?
  3. How old are your shoes?  More than 300-500 miles could signal the need for a new pair.
  4. Do you wear the right shoes for your foot type?  Visit a specialty running store to have your arch/foot type evaluated to avoid spending unnecessary money on the wrong shoe.
  5. Are you stretching before/after your run?

An often used anacronym for resolving most injuries is called RICE. That stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Watch the video for more information and some cost effective methods for icing your aches.

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  1. May 15, 2009 7:43 pm

    A very important factor to the ability of a runner to stay injury free is if they are increasing their distance. This alone has saved me many times because I kept challenging my body and not letting it get to comfortable or satisfied with a level of running.

    Consistently challenging yourself proves to increase your fitness level further as well as keep you injury free.

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