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Oh the Lessons We Learn Along the Way!

May 24, 2009

3103051013_a34b5ee31dRunning, like Life, teaches you many things.  This week was one of those weeks where so much was learned.  Running, in its truest form, is not about the goal you reach.  Nor the run of the day.  It’s about the journey along the way.  So many lessons to learn along that journey are to be had.  So, let’s get started with that list in no particular order:


Running Partners – this past week I had a few chances to run with friends.  One friend in particular was a new one, Jeff, whom I met on Twitter.  You can follow him on Twitter: @jt00ct.  We did our 10 miler together today and were able to discuss various topics and learn a little more about each other.  The end result was a successful run, a relaxed pace and a friendship formed.

Logging – I think it’s important to log your mileage in some form or fashion.  You can choose to what level to log your info, but I prefer to go with the flow on the logging.  Using this blog is one way to log my runs, but there are various sites one can use.  In line with my Garmin watch, there is Garmin Connect.  The best social runner network I have come across is at DailyMile.  There you can log mileage, track your routes, meet others, provide encouragement and also see how you are performing (yourself or yourself against your friends).  Awesome site!

Zen – As I continue my mental games research, one topic I’m just beginning to dig into is on Zen philosophy.  I’m not converting to Buddhism, mind you.  Zen is an odd topic, but one that succinctly focuses on one topic – 2612396380_fd8074e753RIGHT NOW.  Zen is about being in the moment.  It’s about focusing on the task at hand and in the process of doing that you attempt to clear out the clutter you’ve amassed – on your desktop, in your house or in your mind.  You choose.  The great part about running with a partner, to me, was very Zen today.  Talking with Jeff allowed me to focus on the conversation, to be present.  Now, if that were a spouse or coworker, the conversation might turn to other topics you are emotionally attached to.  So for that reason I wouldn’t recommend a consistent running partner being your spouse or coworker, but it all depends on the conversations you choose to discuss.  I truly felt in the moment today – at least until the last mile when I continued to check my watch for how much further we had to go!  I see running as a great Zen time if you’re able to leave the iPod at home.  Running gives you a chance to focus on the time at hand; to enjoy the beauty of the day, the health you possess and the ability to enjoy life.

I apologize for the lack of video that I normally put together after my long runs.  I don’t want to get too predictable on ya, but I promise I’ll put something together in the very near future.  Your comments are always appreciated, so if you want to see something on here, please let me know!

I normally add this to my videos, but here are some stats with my current training for the marathon:

Training Runs completed:  20 runs
Training Miles completed: 116 miles
Weeks til Marathon:  19 weeks

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  1. May 28, 2009 7:32 am

    I find your article remarkable!!

  2. June 2, 2009 10:17 pm

    I like your running philosophies. Sometimes we runners probably take ourselves a bit too seriously. Running is the best when it becomes a Zen activity 🙂

    • June 3, 2009 1:57 am

      I know I take myself too seriously, but when I’m able to zone and Zen my run, that is when things are at their best. Hard to put into words, but everything just clicks when that occurs.

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