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What’s In Your “Basement?”

June 11, 2009

rocky-balboaYo!  What’s in your basement?  No, I’m not talking about you having any “junk in your trunk.”  I’m talking about your basement.  Ya know – your gut.  Or as Gatorade asks, “Is IT in you?”

The last couple of days I’ve been fortunate to come across two motivational works.  One is the book, “Once A Runner,” a book many call the best running novel of all time.  I haven’t come across too many running novels myself, but this was a fictional account about a miler going after his best.  The book was originally released many years ago and was just re-released/printed.  Thanks to Thad at RunnerDude’s blog, I was brought up to speed and able to enjoy this book.  I had some free time and read the book in TWO days.  By the time I finished I was both motivated and encouraged to do intervals.  Yep, imagine getting enthused about doing intervals…

So, the book was one piece of motivation.  The “basement’ came into play while watching the sixth installment of Rocky – appropriately called “Rocky Balboa.”  Now, I understand the world is done with Rocky and/or Sylvester Stallone.  Let’s face it, the first Rocky came out 30 years ago and the world IS a different place.  So, Rocky Balboa was not a knock-out at the box-office.  ASK ME IF I CARE!  I love Rocky and my heart rate always elevates at the motivation I gain from his trials and tribulations.  It’s akin to the Godfather trilogy minus the motivation.

OK, so here’s the basement piece.  Rocky is explaining to his brother-in-law and best friend why he wants to fight yet again.  His answer is great.  “There’s still some stuff in my basement.”  He goes on to talk about this beast he has that is not totally out.

Life is not over at 40 – or any age.  Whether you are Jeff Pickett or Rocky Balboa or many others.  When I heard that phrase, I got a little emotional – admittedly.  When I ran a marathon once before, I vowed never again.  That is something they call “Marathon Amnesia.”  Yeah, I said it.  But like many others, I too felt a beast in my belly.  Alongside a need to get back into shape, the beast has reared its head.  So, yes, there IS stuff in my basement and I’m with Rocky – it’s time to get it out.  Come October 4, that beast will be unleashed onto the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the Twin Cities Marathon!

Do you have stuff in your basement?  If you are reading this, chances are high you do.  Close your eyes.  Can you feel it?  Is it a raging beast or a knawing in your gut?  Tell me in the comment section and inspire the rest of us.  Even if you don’t like Rocky…

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  1. June 11, 2009 5:03 pm

    Another great post man! My “basement” is jamm-packed wtih things I want/need to do. Need to make me a “bucket-list” like that great movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

  2. June 15, 2009 2:42 pm

    Gosh my basement is full of odds and ends, good and bad. And a treadmill too. To answer your quesry about the Garmin Virtual Pacer, I rarely run with it on. Primarily, most of my training runs are on a treadmill, so it is of no help there. For workouts outdoors, I try to follow my heart rate rather than focus on the pace. And I run a lot of hills, so consistent pacing is kind of difficult anyway. But for long runs (which I try to run on a flat course) and keep pace consistent higher than what I would do, it is very helpful. And for the race last weekend it was helpful too, mainly as a way to modulate my effort in the early part.
    And I also have it as one screen that my Garmin rotates among. Garmin 405 allows you to “cycle” through up to 3 screens, and you can customize each of the 3 data fields in those screens. Separately, you can turn the Virtual Pacer on or off. If you leave it on, it will cycle through that screen as well. If you just left it on Virtual Pacer, and none of the screens, all you would see is 2 little runners running and beneath that the distance ahead (or behind) and time ahead (or behind) pace. Thus, for basic training, I don’t find it incredibly helpful, but for situations where pace is important, I find it is a helpful guide.
    Love your blog, and thanks for the comment!

  3. June 19, 2009 5:23 am

    Oh my, I wish I could even FIND my basement…my first floor is so cluttered, I hardly ever have time to get down there!

    I am running my first full marathon on Saturday…better ask again in a couple of weeks when the “marathon amnesia” sets in properly.

    • June 19, 2009 1:59 pm

      Good luck Laura with your marathon – tell me how it goes! Butterflies in your stomach yet?

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