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What to Expect from P90X With Effort

October 11, 2009

Today is the closeout day for Week 6 of my P90X journey. If you are like me – and are searching for more information before starting P90X – then this next paragraph is for you.03-PS35-1

The first month’s nutrition plan/guide has you eating high protein and low carbs. This is a slap in the face compared to the normal diet plan of most Americans due to the overage of carbs we take in everyday. Many people don’t even realize the carbs you take in whether its from the pasta, breads or fruits you drink, let alone the beverages that enter your body. I’m now on the 2nd month’s plan which decreases the protein you take in so that you can eat more carbs. The purpose behind the higher carbs is so you have more energy to really “Bring It’ to your workouts and push yourself more. It’s not meant to increase your carbs so you can simply slack off. If you’re serious about losing weight and building muscle, you’ll use this carb increase to your advantage, similar to a runner carbing up the night before a race.

Yesterday I did the Legs and Back workout – a combination of pull-ups and leg exercises. P90X provides workout sheets so you can track your weights/reps. On this particular day, the emphasis is on tracking your pull-ups. The workout sheets are a great motivation tool because you can easily see what reps/weights you did the week prior to use as a goal for the next week. Last week I performed 69 total pull-ups during the Legs/Back workout. Yesterday I pushed hard with my extra energy and upped my total pull-ups to 85. In the meantime I pushed my legs as much as I could. Since the quads are the largest muscle, the blood surges to these areas when getting toasted – leaving me both out of breath and sweating like crazy. This is the 5th time I have done this workout, so common sense says I should be used to the routine. But this isn’t common sense – it’s P90X. It’s time to Bring It and I must have done that in spades because I was severely winded after the workout and had to take a small break before engaging in the Ab Ripper X routine.

So, what can you expect from P90X? It’s simple. You can expect a program that WILL introduce you to hard work. If you understand that you must exert effort to take off the weight you’ve accumulated over a few years, then look no further. This program rocks. In two more weeks it will be 60 days. I promise I will post my Before, 30 and 60 day pictures at that time. The love handles are melting off and definition is coming out like a turtle from its shell. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying the soreness from a strong effort affirming that I did as Tony Horton suggests everyone do when performing P90X. Bring It!

Footnote: A new tool introduced to me by FatDad is the site, DailyBurn. This site has a comprehensive database of thousands of foods. If you are anal about what you eat and want to ensure you are taking in what is needed to successfully lose weight (and not more), then I highly suggest this site. Kudos to FatDad for the directions to this site!

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