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Pump It Up the P90X Way

October 15, 2009

Tonight is Day 45 of my P90X training.   I was in the process of filming some of my exercises, but unfortunately the lighting wasn’t as good as I preferred and the integrity of the shots was pretty lame.  But I was able to get this shot of my pump following one of the bicep exercises.  Except for this past Monday’s semi-lame performance, each week of my routine has been stronger (save for the Corn Cob Pull-ups – OMG!).

Pump It Up!
Pump It Up!

Now for some, vascularity may be a turn-off.  Especially for women (and some men).  And that’s OK.  I can respect that.  For me, vascularity is a simple sign that my bodyfat is getting there and that my blood supply was in full swing at the time of this shot.  I guess what I’m really trying to show is that I’m only halfway through my 90 days of P90X – and the results are starting to show.  Not only is that exciting for this 41 year old, it encourages me to get going and to tell others this is the real deal.  P90X gives you results.


It is at this time that I should stop and thank those who have helped me to this point.  To my accountability partner, Rich, who has a great daily blog you can find at  Rich and I happened across each other one day and coincidentally we are at the same phase of training as the other.  It’s good to have a partner in P90X, virtual or in real life.  Kudos also to  This is one funny guy who analyzes each DVD and provides comedic surprises from any nugget of video on P90X he can find.  Check both of these guys out.  While you’re at it, check out Perry Tinsley at the PowerBlast Podcast on iTunes.  His blog and related articles are encouraging and motivating (as is his sucess story).  And finally, my new friend and associate, Shannon Grella who is not only a graduate of P90X and other programs, but she’s worked out with Tony Horton himself (and appeared on QVC with him!).  All of these people commit lots of time to not only keep you up on their progress, but who I think genuinely want to help others, like me.  If you have any questions about P90X, what to expect, to work out with, what to eat, what to blog about – just comment below – please!

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  1. October 17, 2009 10:02 pm

    Woah! Kudos to YOU for that kick-ass shoulder!

  2. Anamaria Grabowski permalink
    October 19, 2009 7:08 pm

    Holy cow! Just stopping by to say I’ve been reading for a bit and love your blog. I’m almost sick of low weight/high rep workouts. I was dreading going back to high weight/low rep traditional workouts plus cardio and THINK I’m going to give P90X a go come the new year. Keep it fresh, right?!

    Continued success-
    Anamaria Grabowski

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