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P90X provides BAD information

October 17, 2009

OK, now that you’re reading this, let’s define BAD.  Remember Michael Jackson and his video “Bad?”  OK, well that’s the BAD I’m talking about here.  A GOOD kind of Bad.   And for anyone out there who wants proof, I’ll gladly provide it that the folks at P90X really designed this program with simplicity and authenticity in mind..

In the nutritional guide that comes with P90X, a nutritional guide simplifies the process by telling you how many units of protein, fats, vegetables, fruits, carbs, snacks, etc. that you can have.  They go on to define a unit of protein as a certain amount of lean meat, fish, etc.  The same is true for units of carbs, fruit, etc.  Wait a minute – you mean to tell me they expect me to believe it’s that easy?  Well, the folks at P90X do expect you to believe it.  I had my reservations.

The first phase of P90X has you eating high protein with low carbs.  Holy Atkins diet, Batman!  Even I realize this short term plan would have you lose weight.  Protein is the building block needed for muscle.  Carbs provide energy, but if you reduce the carbs, the body will eat on your fat for energy.  The outcome of this formula puts you on the fast track for weight loss.  But I still had my doubts on how simple the diet plan was.

ishot-1Fast forward to 2 weeks ago:  a friend turned me on to  Within that site (free with membership options) you can log your calories and it provides a breakdown of fats, protein and carbs.  Using the menu I put together with the units suggested by P90X, I found out something really cool.  Not only did the calories come out to within 100-200 of 2,400 (for my body type as suggested by the nutrition guide), but the percentage of fats, protein and carbs came out “risickulously” close as well.  (Hey, had to pay homage there to my buddy, Rich – that’s his saying).

In other words, while not perfect, P90X has figured out a way to streamline your nutritional needs into simple macronutrient “Units.”  Not only is this half the battle for many people who do not have a degree in dietary nutrition, this is powerful stuff that anyone can create meals from.

So, let’s recap – P90X nutrition is BAD.  Fitness is first for P90X, but nutrition is a close second and their program will help you lose that weight and build muscle.  You don’t have to use a website like DailyBurn to track your calories and that’s part of the beauty of P90X.  BUT, if you ever want to compare your menu to the actual calories or percentages, I highly recommend DailyBurn.

What sites do you use in conjunction with P90X that you wish to share?  Please put your links in the comments section along with anything else that you may agree OR disagree with on this post.

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  1. October 19, 2009 12:55 am

    Good Post, I will be checking out


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