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All the Cool Kids are Doing P90X – even Jenn Brown

October 19, 2009

Jenn Brown does P90XIf you’re like me, you’ve perhaps never heard of Jenn Brown.  Perhaps you will soon.  Jenn Brown is the latest reporter for ESPN and in a recent tweet, cited P90X as an intense workout that has helped her maintain her looks following her bikini modelling career.

Jenn joins a list of other “celebs” who have employed P90X into their routine including Sheryl Crow, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, David Akers (punter/kicker in the NFL) and Matt Diaz of the Atlanta Braves.  Now, just because celebs do P90X doesn’t mean you should, too.  I personally hate when celebs endorse politicians – just because they are more famous doesn’t mean they know any more about political decisions than the guy next to you on the subway.  And, that applies to many other topics or issues of course, not just politics.  But, celebs and athletes alike are paid to stay in good shape.  Rarely do you see a highly touted actor or actress who is overweight.  I can only think of a handful off the top of my head.  And when you do hear about them, it’s usually from a tabloid article about how large they have grown or failed from other programs like Jenny Craig.

If professional athletes and celebs are using P90X in place of highly paid personal trainers – doesn’t that say something about the legitimacy of the program?  And if professionals are getting results from the likes of P90X – it’s got my interest.  In fact, as of Day 48, today for me, I have lost 2 inches from my waist and my vascularity/definition is improving everyday.  Check out my picture post here from last week – one of my most visited posts on this blog, in fact.

This post and its popularity demonstrate that people love results.  If they don’t get them, they move on.  If you want results, you want P90X.

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