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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Do P90X

October 20, 2009


If you prefer, substitute P90X for any workout or fitness program you are currently involved with.  It’s my blog, so I want to talk about…


10.  The holidays are coming up – why wait till January 1 to get in shape?
9.    While working out, you get to watch other people sweating just as much as you as you workout to the DVD’s.
8.    It’s taken you many years to get out of shape.  Spend 90 days getting back INTO shape!
7.    Bragging rights at the water cooler:  “I did 72 pullups last night.  My wife thinks I totally rock!”
6.    You get to drink the outstanding and overwhelmingly delicious P90X Recovery Drink (orgasmic, trust me).
5.    The mirror becomes your friend.  And you’ll walk by it more often.  And then you’ll walk SLOWER by it.
4.    You deserve better for yourself – and so does your family.
3.    You get to hear Tony Horton and crew say, “Bring It!” about a hundred times.  Catchy phrase.
2.    You learn Yoga, plyometrics, core synergistics and then get to say other cool words similar to those to friends.
1.     The #1 reason why you should do P90X – because it works.  Lose weight, feel great and experience a new life!

Hey Jeff!

How come you talk about P90X so much lately?  Well, since I’m on a hiatus from running and I’m doing P90X, I’m seeing some great results.  Not to mention, our country is experiencing an obesity epidemic.  We look to grab that fast lunch and shovel junk into our stomachs, but we fail to see until it’s too late the damage it does to us.  And who profits besides the restaurants?  Healthcare profits as diabetes and heart disease continue to climb.  Insurance companies profit too.

Why do I care?  I care because my Grandfather died of both diabetes and heart disease.  I don’t want to go out that way nor do I want you to go out that way either.  My list is only ten reasons deep.  There are hundreds of reasons more.  Start doing something today.

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