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It’s Working – the Results of P90X

October 28, 2009

Phase 3 Begins

Day 57 of my first round of P90X has come and gone as I started Phase 3 of the program.  I was KeyToSuccessso anxious to get this day going because I was coming off of a recovery week and I was longing for a strong, sweaty workout – go figure.

Day 57 included the Chest and Back workout, something you endure for the first 3 weeks of P90X.  Back in those days, you struggle through, wondering what were you thinking and questioning your ability to think clearly in the first place.  But you work through it and by the end of the 3rd week you are smiling because you are progressing and the results are there.  So, Day 57 is the beginning of Week 9 and you have the opportunity to compare results to how you did 6 weeks prior.  How would I fare?

The Chest and Back workout is full of push ups and pull ups.  On the push ups I fared well, doing at least the same amount on the first round as I did 6 weeks before.  My pullups really went up.  But the largest improvement was on the second round of reps for the exercises where I saw great gains and a much stronger focus at pushing myself and not quitting.

Results, Dude, What are Your Results?

For all push up exercises done during this workout (include standard, military, wide-fly, decline, diamond and dive-bomber pushups) I knocked out 176 reps.  During week 3, I did 152.  That’s almost a 10% increase.  For pull-ups (wide-front, reverse grip, closed grip) I knocked out 52.  During week 3, I did 23 for a greater than 50% increase.  Knock me on my ability to crunch out more if you prefer (and that’s OK, I can always do better), but you can’t knock the increase.  My strength is growing.  Better yet, the pump I saw in my chest was the ultimate reward.  I will provide pictures as I close in on Day 60. I should have had the camera out last night.  It was a beautiful thing considering the sloppy appearance I had 9 weeks ago!

The results are there, the evidence is stacking up.  P90X, I love you.

Additional Results

P90X is great in that it provides tracking sheets for you to monitor how you do week by week.  Obviously the scale is another indicator as well as your bodyfat and body measurements.  But don’t forget the other results you’ll achieve.  The intangible ones.  The ones I hear from new friends like Spitfire (aka Lisa).  Her blog, The Shrinking Me, is a great read as it demonstrates the power of self-improvement on the mind.  Lisa is a mom hell-bent on turning her life around.  And when you read her blog, you see how she is accomplishing her goals.  The self-confidence one gains from a program like that is immeasurable.  From there, the results continue to branch out in many positive directions.

What programs are you currently doing and what dramatic results do you want to mention?  Please share in the comments section below – I’d love to hear!

If you’d like more information on achieving your own results, check out my Beachbody site, where as your free Coach, I’d love to help you, follow you and see the results you have inside you as well.

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  1. October 28, 2009 11:36 am

    LOVED your post! Awesome progress! And thankyou for the shout out. That means a lot to me. P90X changes your life. It really does. Not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally. When you SEE progress, when you’re able to do it, to give it your all, it boosts your self confidence, like you said, exponentially! You call upon all your inner strength to build your outter strength, the physical part. And when you do, it pumps you UP so that you really want to do the next one. I second that emotion…P90X, I love you too! :o)

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