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Holiday Eating Part 2

November 3, 2009

imageIn the last post we discussed some cautions to be aware of so that you can maintain healthy habits during the holidays. We talked about Halloween and the key word Preparation. Using that as a key theme, let’s begin there.  And let’s also assume, since you’re reading this blog, that you’ve chosen a healthy course of life with good exercise and nutrition included.

Envision These Scenarios

OK, the parades are over, football can be heard in the next room and it’s time to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.  The smells fill the room and you are surrounded by friends and family at the Holiday table. You gulp as you realize this is more food than you’ve seen in a LONG time (assuming you’re eating healthy!).  As plates are being filled, the stares accumulate as notice of your much smaller portions gets the attention of those around you. Then, the questions begin to come at you from Aunt Pat and Uncle Lou.  “Aren’t you hungry?  Why aren’t you eating?  Are you sick?”  That’s Scenario One.
Scenario Two has you sitting at that same table, only this time you’re chomping at the bit to let the Buffet Beast out of it’s stable. Your nostrils are flared and God help any small children who might get in the way of your plate and the next serving spoon. This is your Splurge meal and you aim to take full advantage.

Remember The Big Picture

Either of these scenarios could be you, right? Which way would you go? The answer will be revealed in 4 weeks, so it’s worth thinking about now.
Before we reveal the best options, step back and look at the big picture. How hard have you worked to get in the shape you are in? Those double takes in the mirror you now enjoy rather than running by it – do you want to sabotage those efforts? Would your over indulgences at one meal trigger more over eating? That’s possible too.
What’s the right answer? Well, it honestly depends on the person. If you are in the middle of a program, then plan your meal ahead of time. Know what you will eat and don’t over do it. Keep on track. Or, if you are accountable to yourself, allow a little extra at that meal but pull back calories from other meals that day. Remember, calories in, calories out.
If questions pop up, true friends and family will not only support you, they will actually be a little jealous at your willpower. When questions pop up about a change in your eating habits, you will then get the chance to brag about how well you’ve done and the results you’ve seen. You’ve earned that right!  Be prepared with a great response to show the world you’re on a mission. BeforeAfterP90XColorSome friends may choose to put the pressure on you or mock you. My pat answer is that you are not holding them back from eating, but you simply enjoy being healthier than how you felt when food was controlling you. (Or nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, as a good friend once told me.  Spend months working your weight down and you know this to be true.) ‘Nuff said.
If you have achieved your goal and are maintaining your weight, an extra helping of stuffing won’t kill your results. Just eat a little less the next day and be sure you exercise to offset consumption as well.

A list of holiday goodies and their estimated calories are here.  Click on the boxes to see how those tasty items can add up.  The results might surprise you.

In summary, the holidays can be a wonderful time for all.  There is no excuse to sacrifice your new found health.  While others will be making a New Year’s resolution to lose their weight so they can fit into their Christmas gifts, you can sit back, smile and know you’ve already given yourself the best gift of all.

As an Independent Team BeachBody Coach, I’m here to help, free of charge.  Exercise and eating right are the first steps, but questions will arise – so please use me as a resource for those answers.  I’d love to help.

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