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Top 10 Tools for Success with P90X

November 5, 2009

tool beltA question often asked is, “Hey, does P90X really work?  Does that guy Tony Horton know what he’s talking about?” And that’s a fair set of questions considering the amount of advertising and “Get Slim Quick” schemes that are out there. So, I decided to devote this post to how anyone can succeed with P90X.  The tools listed below are in no particular order but are equally necessary to succeed in any weight loss program.

1. Set Realistic Expectations. Most people who are out of shape or overweight have come to the realization they need help – but that comes after several days, months or years of bad habits.  Is it realistic then to turn that all around in 2 weeks?  No.  Your improvements are all relative to the way you are today in proportion to the effort you give the program.  If you expect a lot out of P90X, then be sure to give that expectation back and do as it suggests and really bring your efforts to the table.  Yes, sweat is involved.  Yes, you will be sore.  Yes, your eating habits will have to change.  The reward comes when you stick with it.  Expect a lot out of P90X, but expect a lot from yourself to get there, too.  It’s a team effort.

2. Plan, Plan and Plan Some More. Before you start your P90X program, allow a little time to properly plan.  Check out the diet plan and be sure you have emptied your cupboards of the crap that may have accumulated there.  Determine the calories you need to take in and the foods that will get you there.  Make a meal plan. When will you eat and what containers might you need to buy to put your meals in?  When will you work out?  Where?  Do you have the equipment to ensure success like a chin up bar, weights and/or resistance bands and carpeting or a mat?  How can you remind yourself daily to keep pushing?  Then, above all else – what is your contingency plan when that Bad Day comes along leaving you with little time or a destroyed plan – and how can you avoid that?  A big reason we fail in life is because we fail to plan.  If we plan to succeed, then the outcome will be to our benefit.

3. Hold Yourself Accountable and Allow At Least One More Person to Do the Same. Accountability is key to P90X.  Hold yourself accountable to a higher standard, but raise the bar and let someone else do it, too.  Don’t allow a spouse to be this fall guy.  Spouses will support us, but if push comes to shove, they may cave in to our old desires and let us fail, although they aren’t aware that is what they are doing.  Find a hard core friend – and tell them you want them to ride you if you eat poorly or miss a workout.  Join the website at, find a group online and report your results.  As a group you can hold yourself accountable and help others.  You’d be amazed at how much energy is gained by knowing others are in the same boat as you.  But together you can succeed.  And you will if you are truly accountable.

4. What is your “Why?”  This could easily be the #1 reason why people fail an exercise or nutrition plan.  People join a program and approach it with little to lose.  If you look around, heart disease and diabetes are the leading killers in this country – two indicators for obesity.  That right there is a lot to lose – your life!  Do you feel pain from your life?  Sadness?  If you’re unhappy with how your life is going as it relates to your weight, you can create a strong “Why” right there.  Emotional reasons are also great reasons to start.  Whatever it is, identify your Why.  Make it a strong connection because the stronger your “Why,” the less chance you will fail.

5. Change Your View of the World. Many people go through life with a mainstream view of what is acceptable.  We’ve been conditioned into thinking that portion sizes at restaurants provide value for the dollar, but we totally overlook what those portions are doing to us or our family.  Watch the advertising a little closer.  Look at packaging.  It’s all put together to sell you on the flavors, but many brands mention little about what it can do to your body.  Don’t let these companies take advantage of you and/or your body.  Watch things with a keener eye and don’t be fooled by messages you’ve seen in the past.

6. Find a Partner. If you’re about to embark in P90X, or you are in the midst of it, everyone would have to admit it is more fun going through most programs when you have someone in your corner.  This could be your spouse, it might be your accountability partner, or perhaps someone you met online at the Team BeachBody site.  Trade stories, encourage one another, share your joys and your sorrows.  All in all, there is a unique synergy gained when you work with someone.  You’re not alone in this journey, so find a friend for life.

7. Make Mistakes Fast. Whenever you are changing things in your life, there are bound to be a few jigsaw successmistakes you will make.  Some are made by accident and some intentional.  You know you’re supposed to stay away from chocolate cake, but your willpower suffers one day and you can in to temptation.  Or you missed a workout on a busy day.  Either way, these mistakes will occur.  Do the best you can to decrease these mistakes and if they do occur – make the mistake, acknowledge it, learn how you won’t go down that road again – and then move on.  Don’t beat yourself up.

8. Change Your Thinking. Some people come to P90X because they have tried many things and they desperately desire change.  In the meantime, life has beat them down.  Starting a program like P90X is a major step in the right direction.  Acknowledge making a right move with this.  You WILL change!  And upon completion of P90X, if not before, you will discover, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE CAPABLE OF SUCCESS THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!  Starting today, change that negative thinking and know that great things are going to come your way.

9. Do Not Cheat. At the end of the day, whether you are truthful to others or not, you can’t lie to yourself.  You know what you are doing, eating, lifting, seeing, saying, etc.  There are many external motivators all around us like songs, movies, friends.  But internally, your WHY that we mentioned above has to internally motivate you to change.  So for God’s sake, don’t cheat yourself out of a great life and great results!  Eat what is on your plan, stick to your workouts – and talk to others about it as often as you can to help keep you on track.  By cheating, ultimately you hurt you – as well as those closest to you.

10. Engage Yourself. Huh?  I can’t marry myself?  No, what that means is you need to full head-on engage yourself.  Push yourself in ways you never thought you could.  Many times P90X will ask you to exercise to your failure limit.  Push it.  Bring it!  Focus on your breathing and push.  You started P90X because you were not happy with how life was going.  So keeping that lack of complacency alive and well – and crack the whip.  Realistic expectations are so important, but push yourself to see what realistic means.  The answer might surprise you.

BONUS TOOL: This is a great tool to mention:  P90X is guaranteed to work.  If you are not satisfied with your results, you get a full refund back.  If you think it won’t work, then take a look at YouTube and the 8,000+ testimonials people have posted on there.

When I’m not blogging, I’m an Independent Team BeachBody Coach.  I love talking self-improvement and the improvement of one’s body and mind.  I’m here for you, free of charge.  But if you want more information about P90X or any of the BeachBody products, just click HERE.

What other tools do you use to succeed with P90X?

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  1. November 5, 2009 2:47 pm

    Great post! I know that anyone who tries P90X will LOVE it! My husband is going to start on his holidays next month…he sees my…drive for it, by zeal, my love for it and it’s just contagious. This is definitely THE single BEST workout I’ve ever used. P90X ROCKS!@

    • November 5, 2009 2:51 pm

      That’s awesome news Lisa! Success is contagious, especially when people find out they can succeed with this workout program. And by doing it together, your chances for more success just doubled. Great news!

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