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P90X Creator – Tony Horton Interview

November 14, 2009

Prior to writing any blog posts, I often engage in exhaustive research to seek out the coolest topics or evidence to back my writing.  During a recent research adventure, I came across a blog by Craig Ballantyne crai-ballantyne-and-ballycalled Turbulence Training where he interviewed Tony Horton for close to an hour.   Tony is the host/creator of P90X, a popular infomerical workout system.  As you can see by Craig’s picture, he’s no slouch himself and drinks his own Fitness Kool-Aid.

Yes, I am guilty of making fun of Tony’s sayings, phrases, quotes or mannerisms.  I own up to that.  But, just like our children who do funny things, we love them for how they talk, act out, etc.  Tony is no different.  In my book, he’s one of my family members beceause he comes to my house on a nightly basis and talks me through my workouts.  So, when I get the opportunity to learn more about this guy, I’m all ears.

Craig’s interview does a great job of covering the topics associated with P90X including “Why Yoga?”.  Whether you’re a Tony Horton fan, a P90X’er or simply interested in knowing more about P90X and Power 90, its predecessor – you will want to give this a listen.  Tony is a real person, but his recipe for success as you listen is that he works on his weaknesses and not just his strengths. 

Click Here to Listen to the Tony Horton Interview.

Kudos again to Craig Ballantyne for bringing it with this interview!

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  1. November 14, 2009 2:37 pm

    I’m heading out of town today, but I can’t wait to come back and hear the interview. Thanks for finding it and posting. I LOVE Tony!

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