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I’m Sick. Now What?

November 16, 2009

sickThe last couple of days I’ve not been feeling myself.  I have a sore throat, achey body and a mild, numbing headache.  After 73 days of P90X (or insert the workout program of your choice), I’m out of commission for potentially 3 days straight.  Great – now what?

If sickness strikes you, first and foremost, accept the evidence in front of you.  You’re sick.  For whatever reason your body needs some TLC and some rest to fully recuperate.  Does this mean your workouts suffer?  While there are those who can work through illnesses, during this time of year colds and flu are common.  What does the doc always say at this point?  “Get lots of rest and fluids.”  Uh, I think I’d listen to the Doc!

If your body just isn’t feeling itself and you decide to exercise – chances are you’ll only make things worse.  Your body needs rest so the immune system can fully function.  Exercise will only weaken that process.  And, before we forget this point – you’ll potentially hurt yourself if you exercise.  Sickness causes a lack of focus and a change in your routine.  Whether its a dropped weight, a slipped resistance band to the face or body or a stumble that causes a leg injury – these are all possible drawbacks to exercising when you’re sick.  It’s not worth it.

Now, the hard part to being sick is the food intake.  Does being sick mean it’s time to lay on the couch and eat junk?  Yes on the laying on the couch; no on the junk food.  Your body may need more carbs than usual to re-energize itself – so allow that if needed.  But otherwise, I’d recommend eating as normal (considering you have an appetite at all or aren’t tossing your cookies).  Be sure to continue taking your vitamins – your body needs those now more than ever.

The hard part about inactivity for me means I get bored.  I need to do something.  And luckily the kitchen is upstairs from the family room, making it harder for me to scavenge in the kitchen.  But in the meantime, do as the Doc suggests – drink PLENTY of fluids.  Not only will this help your recovery, it will keep your belly full and help you resist plowing into that box of Oreos the kids think they have been hiding in their room.  If you get those cravings for sweets, munch on a protein bar, drink some coffee or down a glass of Crystal Light – that’s what I do and all three of those options usually fill my stomach and help me kick temptations in the face.

As you begin recover, get some fresh air and get outside if possible.  Not only will the mini exercise do you good, but the activity will renew your spirits and help you re-focus on your original goal of a healthier lifestyle (if it’s too cold outside then visit the local shopping mall for a walk).  Lifting weights and eating right doesn’t guarantee you won’t get sick.  But it does reduce those chances.  Help the process out, take a mini vacation and then fortify your resolve to finish like a champ.

What activities or options do you use to keep a healthy mind when the body’s not so healthy?

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  1. November 16, 2009 1:34 pm

    Awww…that sux that you’re sick. I wish you a speedy recovery!
    You could do some crossword puzzles, a little sudoku…or just go for a movie-a-thon. Feel better soon!

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