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Take P90X to Ninja Levels

November 17, 2009

ninja eyes-1Two years ago I bit the bullet. And bought the Bullet – Magic Bullet, that is. I watched the infomercials too many times and finally made the purchase. Once I unpacked all the goodies I had a lot of fun making all the great concoctions shown on TV. But not as much fun as I had wanted to have.
The Magic Bullet lacked the power I was hoping it would have. It lacks the ability to hold the liquid I prefer with my shakes. In addition, my motor often sounded like it would blow any minute. Yes, I was aware of a larger pitcher to blend with, but didn’t feel the power was really as strong as it should be. My Magic Bullet lacked it’s magic. Sad times set in.

About a month ago, I was surfing cable TV  and then I saw it. It was beautiful. It was fast. It was powerful. It was like the Magic Bullet with even more real magic. And it’s called Ninja!
The Ninja Prep Master is a cousin to the Bullet. The motor sits on top as opposed to the base of the Bullet. It comes with a small bowl for dips or smaller creations. But for larger items including my shakes or drinks, the pitcher is also included. Then I fell in Picture-2-300x272love.  The blades, people – the blades!
The major improvement the Ninja has over the Bullet are the blades. The blades aren’t at the bottom. There are two sets in the center at different heights to ensure all items are chopped or blended.  Three pulses after ingredients are loaded and dinner is seconds away. Today I made chicken salad with a cooked breast, a slice of avocado, tomato, mayo, lemon juice and red onion. I loaded it all together, placed the motor on top, pulsed it three times for 1-3 seconds each time and before I knew it I was enjoying it in a whole wheat pita. Pure heaven.
Foods get chopped. Smoothies are smooth. And shakes have room to be made in completion (or multiple shakes). Cleanup is easy. Life is good.

Whether you are enjoying a round of P90X or other healthy program, the Ninja is a must have for the kitchen. Wear your black assassin wardrobe or just wear your apron. Either way you won’t regret adding this to your arsenal of small appliances.

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  1. November 17, 2009 12:29 pm

    Well, this post had me smiling the whole way through. Love it. Now I need to buy the Ninja. Thanx! And I’m sure my husband thanx you too…haha. Me and infomercials you know! Great post!

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