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More Proof P90X Works (I Feel Ya P90X Part 3)

November 25, 2009

After a long bout of a lingering cold/cough/congestion which continues to haunt me, I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to get back on track with my P90X plan.  When my infection initially hit, I was left breathless, fatigued and hacking.  For those of us doing P90X, that’s the norm, right?  🙂  Only this time it was not the worked out feeling I was experiencing.  My body simply could not perform.  So, for many frustrated days I was unable to stay on track with a true 90 day plan.  I think I’m probably about a week off, so I could label my trek as P97X.  Regardless, I feel like my body is at the point where symptoms are starting to subside to the point that I can perform and hopefully push this junk completely out of my system.
Last night was my last time at the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout.  You start this program in the 2nd phase during Week 5.  I’ll miss this workout because it’s really a fun one that blasts the upper body and really challenges you. 

The first graph you see above I listed all the exercises that you are to do using your bodyweight only.  So you’ll see many push ups, etc.  Upon review of the data, I saw great progress in most areas.  MOST…  🙂  I’ve done more tri-rises in a different workout, but the time you are allotted kept my number from going as high as I’ve actually done (which is 23).  You’ll notice the big Goose Eggs on One Arm Pushups.  More power to Jack Palance for doing these, but by the time you get to these in the workout plan, my triceps are toasted and the body is simply not willing to put out any effort for these (even on my knees).  Overall, including all reps, I improved 63% from start to finish. 

On the second graph you’ll see I now list all exercises using weights.  To attempt to figure improvement, I introduced a concept I’ve learned called “Tonnage” where you multiply your weights by your reps to get a figure that you can compare to the back end.  This concept worked to show improvement in all but a few areas.  For Pour Flys, Front to Back Tricep Extensions and DB Cross-Body Blows, there was no improvement shown due to the tonnage model because at Week 5 I was doing high reps with low weights.  By Week 12 I was doing higher weights with less reps.  So, while my strength was up, this is where the tonnage model needs an asterisk by it and shows once again the difficulty comparing actual effort in these cases.  Regardless, I showed a total strength increase of 42%.
Whether flawed or not, taking 63% and 42% and averaging them out, I’m a little over 50% stronger than I was a few weeks ago.  I don’t know about you, but that does bring a smile to my face as it shows validity once again to the outcomes P90X can produce.  The numbers don’t lie.
Ready to allow P90X to change you?  If so, I would enjoy being your Coach (free of charge) to motivate you and guide you and advise you on your way. 

Click on this LINK to get started or to learn more!

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