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My Movie Review of Food Inc. – What Really Goes In Your Body?

November 27, 2009

I took some time on the day after Thanksgiving to watch a movie that is currently rated in the top 20 rentals on iTunes.  The movie is called Food, Inc. Not only is it an eye opener, but a well done documentary about the foods we buy at the grocery store.

Who knew in this day and age that a documentary on food would rate so high in the minds of consumers?  As a marketer, I feel certain websites or polls provide the pulse America has.  For this movie to rate so highly on iTunes as a measure of people who have rented it tells me that more than a handful of folks are concerned about the foods they eat; just like me.

I hate to give away too much, so if you’re interested in watching the movie, please stop here.  If you’re intrigued, here are a few tidbits offered:

  • In the 1970’s, the FDA conducted over 50,000 inspections to protect our foods.  In 2006, they performed a little over 9,000
  • Many foods on the grocer’s shelves are derived from corn
  • McDonald’s is the largest purchaser of beef and potatoes and have essentially shaped the production of these items
  • Tyson, Perdue, and Monsanto are just a few corporations that declined interviews in the making of this film
  • Monsanto controls 90% of the soybean market in the US and bullies farmers into buying seed from them
  • The federal government agencies have close ties to these corporations who are in a sense, protecting the rights of Americans seeking healthy choices for themselves and their children

One of many solutions and an appeal in the movie is to check labels carefully, but also to buy local from farmer’s markets where food is produced naturally so that it’s not intermingled with multiple chemicals and is better for you.  We have the ability to make things happen when we buy the right products.  Wal-Mart appeared in this movie and proclaimed they only provide to their consumers what they are willing to buy.  With a 20% increase of organic products being introduced, Wal-Mart was portrayed as taking steps to answer the consumer’s cries and providing alternatives to corn-derived food.

The days of turning our head as to what goes into a hot dog are long gone.  It’s time we take our heads out of the sand and engage with food producers before more children die from the likes of e. coli poisoning.  If you’d like to take further action, CLICK HERE to sign a petition to re-enact the Child Nutrition Act so that our kids can be around healthier choices than canned sodas and sugar laden foods.

If you’ve seen Food, Inc. – what did you think?  Do you enjoy buying organic if offered?

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