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Re-Discovering My Old Friend, Running

November 29, 2009

Call it what you will, but I’m calling it a holiday miracle of sorts.  Ok, perhaps I’m a little dramatic here, but I’m a happy camper because I finally got my butt out of the house and ran in 30 degree temperatures to prove P90X can make me a better runner.

Let’s go back in time to August 21, 2009.  That was the last time I was able to train for the Twin Cities Marathon.  Unexpectedly, those plans were cut short when my Doc diagnosed me with a stress fracture.  Tests later confirmed his suspicions and I had to stop running for 4-6 weeks to heal up.  I was devastated, but I deferred my efforts to P90X.  I was hoping the full body workout that P90X provides would make me stronger and faster.  It would appear the hiatus from running has not hurt me.

I do believe it’s too early to jump to conclusions, but in my first chance in 4 months to run, I completed 3 miles in 8:21 pace.  To boot, it was 30-ish degrees outside and I was wearing my new Vibram Five Fingers KSO’s.  Click on the picture above to link to the Garmin site that provides more stats on my run.  I used the running today as a substitute to Yoga, my least favorite part of doing P90X.  I do enjoy Yoga X, at times, but when the house is disruptive, a by-product of having so many daughters, a run by yourself is nothing short of magic.  It was like reuniting with an old friend.

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