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Thanks, But No Thanks! (You’ll Understand…)

December 18, 2009


A quick thanks to my readers today!  I reviewed my traffic for the blog and my summary post about my P90X results on Wednesday was far and away the most successful post I’ve had.  The comments and kind wishes were high as well.  What that tells me is that people are truly interested in their fellow man and how they are progressing.  This is evident with many of my followers including Lisa, FitBomb, Steven, Rich, Shannon, Perry and Jeff (sorry if I missed anyone by mistake!).  In case you don’t recognize the guy in the picture, that’s Barry Manilow, one of my mom’s favorites.  His tune, “Looks Like We Made It,” oddly comes to mind while I write this post.  Perhaps because I fully understand my resolve, commitment and success was attributable to so many who helped me directly or indirectly.  So thanks again.  We made it.

But I sense there are many others out there who may not have commented or visited this blog before yesterday; but they did want to visit to “kick the tires.”  In all humans, it’s inherent that we disbelieve what we are told.  I’m from Missouri, the “SHOW ME STATE,” so I can be prone to skepticism from time to time.  We hear about a fitness program and turn our noses.  But we watch the infomercial or visit the site – and then turn our noses because it won’t work for “common folk.”  Then with the advent of blogs and social media, we have more ways to check out those “common folk” and look for their before/afters or progress results (P90X has almost 9,000 testimonials of their results).  I think it is then two things can happen.  For some nose turners – this may be the point where they finally decide it’s time to make it happen.  That’s when change begins. And for those people I congratulate you.  Welcome to the club of Sweat, Effort and Great Reward.  There’s always room for more.

But, NO Thanks…

For the nose turners who still stay skeptics – guess what?  You’ll continue to turn your nose at anything that comes your way, but you won’t turn the TV off, will ya?  You won’t turn your face away as that potato chip gets closer, will ya?  (I’m stepping on my soapbox here…)  So, to all you nose turners out there, listen up – I’m tired of people like you.  I’m tired of people who KNOW in their heart they can be a better person, but they choose to do nothing.  It’s you, Mr./Mrs. Nose Turner, that drive up my insurance costs each year because of your obesity.  Who cares if more than 60% of the US is obese, right?  I do, that’s who!  It’s you that make it more difficult to earn an honest living.  It’s you that drives up the demand of ridiculous products on the grocery store shelves full of sugar and carbohydrates.   It’s you that knows there are many of us who want to help (LIKE ME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!), but you don’t want to listen.  Or perhaps you’re simply complacent and you’ve resigned yourself to a life of poor health and an early death.  What a pitiful lifestyle you’re choosing if that nose is still turned to the reality of the decisions you’re making for you (and your loved ones).  I don’t want that for me or my kids – NO THANKS!
“Well, Mr. Soapbox,” you may say to yourself as you read this (if you’re a Nose Turner), “it’s easy for you to lose weight because you don’t weigh as much as me.”  I’ll refrain from cursing here since this is a family show, but that’s crap and an excuse if you’re thinking that.  Working out to any program and eating right can be difficult at first.  Changing habits IS NOT ALWAYS EASY.  But through perserverance and commitment to YOURSELF, it can be done.  Take your book of excuses you’ve been clinging to all your life and throw it away.  They don’t work in this universe anymore.  I can use that book if I choose to, but all I have to do is look over at my kids.  Envisioning them at my funeral provides all the motivation I need to take my health seriously.

I encourage – no, I cry out to all of you – that it’s time to stand up and make decisions for your health.  Don’t let your life go by but grab it by the hand!  I don’t care if you want to try P90X or walk around the block.  I don’t care if you want to Go Primal (Paleo diet) or balance those macronutrients out for the first time in your life.  I don’t care if you run, lift or go bowling.  Just choose today and go out and just do it! My fitness journey has led me down many paths and each day I discover something new.  I wish that for each of you, even if you are the skeptic nose turner.  One step you take today may be one more than you took yesterday.  And with each day comes a step – and another – and another.  I did it.  Many of us do it.  And you can do it, too. 

Do me a favor.  Find someone you care about.  Perhaps that person is just you.  Call them up and ask them if they want to go for a walk.  Ask them to push the sugar away and replace it with a healthier alternative.  Forego the french fries that come with the value meal.  Drink water and not soda for a day.  Above all, just know that you don’t always have to be a skeptic.  But you do have to change if your health is not what it should be. What do you want more info on?  Challenge me with whatever topic.  I’ll be that point of resource for you and I enjoy looking up things I don’t know about.  I’m reaching out to you.  Now reach out to me.  Let’s learn together, let’s get fit togther.   Let’s do it.

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  1. December 18, 2009 7:20 am

    Bravo! Fabulous post! Perhaps someone will be moved to change. Those words were not wishy washy! Straight to the point, to the heart of what’s ailing mankind. Those words HAD to be said. What people may not recognize is that even tho it DOES require a lot of work, the rewards they will reap in health and fitness is so worth it, and just the beginning. Mentally, emotionally, sexually, personally, professionally, life will just get better, opportunities will present themselves, eyes to the joys of life will be opened, unveiled. Spirits will be reborn. Dreams will start to come true. Fires will be lit. Passions ingnited. Life…years will be added, and with the renewed zeal for life, anything is possible.

    Yes, as Jeff says “Let’s do it!”

    • December 18, 2009 8:27 am

      Thanks Lisa!
      Smokers used to say, “leave me alone, I’m not hurting you,” until it was uncovered that second hand smoke is no bueno. Now obesity has come to the forefront along with heart issues, diabetes, etc. and some overweight folks may be saying the same as smokers. But people overeating DOES impact us all – it’s called healthcare insurance. Utilization is at an all time high as are costs. Until we get a hold on this epidemic, those costs will continue to go up. And those who are overweight and in poor health won’t shoulder all those increases. We all will. So I’m not merely pointing the finger at those folks. I am calling them out, yes. But I’m also offering my assistance. As a former personal trainer I know what it takes to help others and I CAN HELP OTHERS. If anyone wants to challenge me on that, leave a comment or email me. I’m game.

  2. December 18, 2009 10:32 am

    Great post but some of your links are broken and try and link back to your site.

  3. December 19, 2009 9:15 am

    Jeff, well thought I’d throw out a few more items for the soapbox (per my twitter comment)
    1) One was mentioned in the comments – smoking (I used to) and now just to be around it gives me a headache.
    2)Processed foods and all the chemicals/preservatives is this a possible cause for spike in cancer? Just my thought.
    3)Sugar ( ie. HFCS) – it’s amazing at how much sugar is in foods that you wouldn’t think would need it.
    4)Restaurant servings and portion sizes have grown to unbelievable sizes. – can I SUPER SIZE that for you?
    5) yo-yo diet plans that make mega-dollars – ok, just about evry “diet plan” on TV or in publications will state, in fine print of course, that with “diet and moderate exercise ….” well hello, wake up people! spend that diet plan money on a healthy lifestyle – ie gym, food, etc.

    Do I always eat healthy – no but I do try to make better choices. Do I exercise – you bet.
    Could I do better – of course. Step by step and day by day

    Great post, maybe I’ll carry it over to my blog and continue the rant … ha

    • December 19, 2009 10:36 am

      Great additions. Absolutely – carry it over and rant away. Our own government as well as the agencies within that are supposed to protect us are the very ones who allow HFCS, chemicals and preservatives to get into our foods. No wonder healthcare is out of control as this occurs. It needs to be stopped at the source instead of putting bandaids on everything. I feel another rant coming…..

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