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Merry Christmas from Life Isn’t Over

December 25, 2009

Although I’ll schedule this to post on Christmas morning, I wanted to share my gift with everyone tonight.

Haley, our 13 year old, begged all day to open just one gift for practice in preparation for Christmas morning.  She was persistent – and persistence usually pays off.  So everyone in the family opened their one gift.  And I, as shown here, got exactly what I wanted – a Kettle Bell!

Kettle Bells first gained popularity when Pavel Tsatsouline first came to the United States.  Pavel is a fitness instructor and is credited with helping to train military groups in the Soviet Union and whip them into shape using non-conventional means.  The Kettle Bell is a unique workout tool because of its unorthodox shape.  Yet it still allows you to work out your quads, lats, biceps, triceps, abs, etc.  Want a challenge and something unique – look no further than the “KB.”  Here’s a sample workout, one of many on YouTube.  Another fun thing you can do with the KB is take it with you to the park or backyard.  After a few Turkish Get-ups and some Swings, you’ll be in the know why KB’s can provide a great workout.

Before ending this post on Christmas Eve, Pavel had the following to say in his Power by Pavel Newsletter which you can subscribe to at his site,  It not only puts Christmas into perspective, but it also shows how great of a country the United States is.

Merry Christmas!

If you are not a Christian and you took offense I respectfully ask you to reconsider. I grew up in the Soviet Union where you could get expelled from school, dishonorably discharged from the army officer’s corps, or put an end to your career for wishing someone a merry Christmas. Christmas celebrations were supplanted with “New Year” celebrations to keep God out of our lives.Today, every time I hear lame and toothless “Happy holidays!” or I wish someone a merry Christmas and get a look, I feel like I am back in the USSR. The Big Brother is watching.
If you do not believe in the Christian God, at least have the cheer to celebrate the freedom of religion—or lack of thereof—and the freedom of speech we still enjoy in America.

Merry Christmas and God bless America!

Well said, Pavel.

Merry Christmas to all from Life Isn’t Over!

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