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Alternative Uses for Your Kettlell

February 3, 2010

Working out demands focus, strength and more focus.  One slip and disaster can strike.  Still, I like to laugh.  Attending any gym (or even watching family members at home) can bring out a few chuckles.  I’ll never forget the stud at my old gym who “squealed” during a bench press.  Then there was the time this guy was squatting.  As he was coming down with the weight, he huffed, puffed and emitted a ferocious fart heard throughout the gym.   Ah…good times….

 So when I did some research on anything funny related to kettlebells – I came up short.    Really short.  Try to find any humor, even on YouTube, and all you’ll find is this guy:

Let’s face it – that’s not funny.  The guy’s just flat out wasted from his 155 pushes and nearly crushed his tootsies.  So, enough with all the seriousness!  I’m needing your help, so whether you work out with kettlebells or not, please jump in and add to the list.  I call it the “UnOffical List of Alterative Uses for the Kettlebell.”  Most of these may not be funny, but use your creativity and let’s see what you come up with as well.

  1. Makes a fine doorstop or paper weight
  2. Doubles as an iron (provided the coals are stoked)
  3. Cuts in half the time it takes to demolish your drywall or next do it yourself home project
  4. Great hitching post for your cat or small dog (and even large dogs)
  5. Leave one in the backyard for whenyou’re locked out of the house (smashes a deck door in no time)
  6. Assists in the preparation of lettuce…
  7. Handy by the grill for when you want to flatten the hamburger and get ALL the fat out (what’s up with THOSE people?)
  8. Will keep a door propped open, but will definitely keep a door shut for those Do Not Disturbed evens you crave (those with kids will know what I’m talking about!)
  9. Do you like Mashed or Smashed Potatos?….
  10. Need an excuse to call in ill – drop any kettlebell on one’s foot for an immediate trip to the Emergency Room.
  11. Seeking vengeance on an ex?  Works great on most cars, trucks and fingers.

    YOUR TURN!  What do ya got?
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  1. Dave Riley permalink
    February 4, 2010 6:38 am

    12.Just the handbag accessory for women walking out at night. Bag snatchers beware.
    13.Makes a great pair of high platform flip flops when you need to cross a puddle.
    14. Anchors for small boats — bow and stern
    15. Ideal hardware item for balloon salespeople.
    16. Nutcrackers.
    17 Chaining up the dog so it doesn’t wander.
    18.Chaining up the family bear so it doesn’t wander.
    19.Blocking rabbit holes.
    20.Toddler taming. Just slip a harness over a 2 year old and they slow down a bit.

    • February 4, 2010 8:43 am

      Nice additions – keep’em coming! (Nutcrackers – ’nuff said there…)

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