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Click the Picks or Pick’s Clicks

February 10, 2010

Ever since I can remember using Google Reader, I have accumulated some articles that I thought I’d read later…and never have.  Today I decided to take the time and I’m glad I did because these are great pieces I think you may find of interest as well.  For that reason, I’m starting a new feature and I’m calling it Pick’s Clicks.  Get it?  My nickname is Pick and if you click on these….

Have you read Iron and Soul by Henry Rolllins?  If not – check this out.

The controversy over barefoot running continues to rage.  Many people’s first argument is “you’ll cut your foot on glass.”  Oh really?

I love to cook and uncover new recipes.  So, when I heard there were some awesome foods I am probably missing out on, I was all ears.  I love me some canned pumpkin!

Explaining the whole Paleo/Primal way of life can be difficult.  Pay Now Live Later’s blog provides a template for friends/family explaining it all.  Enjoy!

We all have doubts.  Even the best of us.  Zen Habits provides some great pointers to overcome self-doubt.  I doubt you’ll not find this interesting…

Diet soda is supposed to help ya, right?  Well, not so fast.  This video explains diet soda actually contributes to making you fat.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

Last, but not least – I have to mention my 14 year old, Haley.  Haley likes to take time out of her busy teenage life and check in on me and my progress with my blog and my health related activities.  She helps me video tape from time to time and enjoys watching my traffic grow each week.  I reached a new high for site traffic last Sunday.  As a key cheerleader for me and my efforts, I dedicate this post to her.  Thanks for your support and love, Haley!  See, I told you I’d put you on here!

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  1. February 11, 2010 6:45 am

    Hey Jeff. This was a fun post…I’ll click on your picks later tho…gotta get kids off to school. You keep it so fresh and fun…Loving it!

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