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Take Steps to Help Your Kids Avoid Obesity

February 12, 2010

The smartest minds in the world come to TED conferences to speak about trends, innovations and ideas.  Jamie Oliver came to talk about a trend that won’t stop climbing:  obesity.  His standing ovation talk speaks to the future we are painting for our kids – a life that will be 10 years less than ours.  And, it is all because of what we put in our mouths – and their mouths.

So many areas are out of whack:

Jamie Oliver at TED

  • Portion size
  • Amount of sugar
  • Processed foods
  • School lunches and food quality based on financial constraints
  • Lack of education about food in schools
  • Sugar being added to milk

His ideas include adding a Food Ambassador to answer questions and help guide decisions – all funded by the manufacturers.  I’m not sure I agree with them providing the education, but I see Jamie’s idea being regulated and enforceable so that nutrition is heightened as it should be.

School lunches aren’t cooked onsite now, as much as they were when I was a kid where they were prepared on-site.  Jamie addresses that also.  Click on the picture or this link to see this great presentation on curbing obesity – by starting with our kids.

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