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Planning Takes the Edge Off – Everytime

February 18, 2010

The past couple of days I took a road trip to our state’s capitol so I could assist my organization with furthering our non-profit cause.  So, knowing I would be on the road this week, I planned ahead.  I’ve learned that you will always find success when you plan for it; just take it one step at a time.  To start, I brought my dear friend with me.  My kettlebell.  Someday I need to name her as we continue to develop our relationship.  For now she’s simply Big Green because she’s…green.  I laughed a bit at myself as I transferred my luggage around, including Big Green.  I was spared the funny glances I thought I would get by lugging her around.  Maybe next time me and Big Green can make a bigger splash in the hotel lobby (or the pool).

So, there I was, all checked in, luggage unpacked and workout clothes on.  My co-worker headed to the local “Y” to the tune of $8.  That’s not major bucks, mind you, but I fancied my investment in Big Green was paying me back.  Not only was I able to get a good workout in within the confines of my room, I didn’t have to get back out in the cold, and I saved the money for some beef jerky later in the trip.

What’s needed on a road trip so you can work out?  Two things and that was it:  Big Green and my cell phone.  My carrier is Verizon and for most of us, there is a tool called Stopwatch that I use for my rest periods.  Simple, efficient and effective.  What more could you ask?  I started my workout with 200 pushups as part of the 100 Pushups Program I’m close to finishing.  The pump in my upper body and shoulders was nothing short of a call to Mom.  I had a glorious pump, I could feel the blood coursing through me and I was jacked that I was getting such a great response from a home-based workout.  After I rested from my pushups, I got out the kettlebell and did a few circuits of “Around the World’s,” squats, back rows and 2-handed swings.  After 25 minutes I was comfortably winded, sweating and feeling my body’s familiar response to a good workout – satisfaction was achieved.

A hotel room workout is really not much different than at home, but it was satisfying that I was able to take Big Green with me as I had planned a few months ago when I was contemplating buying a kettlebell.  Transporting Big Green was no problem and I’ll look forward to bringing her with me again on my next trip.  I’ll also be looking forward to taking her with me to the park or wherever life takes me this summer.  Big Green’s portability – check that off the list!

Another nice part about my trip was an hour after the workout when I took on a 24 oz. T-bone.  Let’s just say the T-bone lost the battle and I was one happy Primal follower.  I anticipated a nice big meal for the evening – and I was not disappointed in the least.  A great workout, a great steak and I felt like the gas tank had been filled to the top at long last.

Today figured to be a busy day following the trip.  It never fails upon the return of a trip when all the emails, phone calls and miscellaneous to-do’s just pile up on you.  Knowing this would be the case, I did what any sane Primal folk would do.  I fasted.  Last night I had a sensible meal around 6.  I got my workout in, watched some Olympics and went to bed.  By the time I woke up, 12 hours had already passed and I was feeling great.  I drank a coffee on the way to work and as soon as I got to the office, I was a non-stop pillar of productivity.  By the time my normal lunch period arrived, I was getting out of one meeting and going through emails the next.  Before I knew it, the work day was over and I was headed home with no hunger pangs ALL DAY LONG.  I’m no longer a slave to food and it feels so damn good!

When I got home I heated up some Primal Jambalaya, accompanied that with a salad and finished it off with a cup of strawberries.  I’m full.  I’m satiated.  I’m smiling, too.  My plans from the last few days were executed without a hitch and my body thanked me by keeping me regulated, in the middle of the road, and my energy stores didn’t waver.  Best of all, I’m a few days closer to celebrating a great physique at the age of 42.

Life isn’t over.  Not by a long shot.

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  1. February 19, 2010 2:57 pm

    sweet! i just found stopwatch on my Android, and downloaded it!!

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