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Primalizing the Prezent

February 25, 2010

If you’ve never heard of Prezi, you definitely need to get up to speed.  Launched last year, Prezi is an awesome online tool that you can use in place of Powerpoint to show a more linear approach to presentations.  Even more than that, I enjoy using Prezi to mindmap ideas.  I love Prezi because it allows your ideas to become great visualizations.

Primal Blueprint, a book I’ve mentioned numerous times, has so many great points to it that are also covered on Mark’s Daily Apple.  While there are too many great points to list on here, Prezi allows you to cover all those points and more so that you can literally (and visually) link thoughts and sub points under each area of the Primal Blueprint.

The multiple ways you can use Prezi include the ability to share files so that others can collaborate with you.  And that gave me a great idea.  I’m asking you, my Primal friends, to assist in creating a visual representation of the Primal Blueprint.  I’ve created a basic framework – would you like to help complete this work?  We all have our favorite parts of living Primal/Paleo.  Write those thoughts down in the appropriate spots or CREATE your own.

Watch the video for more information and how you can get started.  Simply email me and I can add you to the collaborators list – or comment you would like to be added and I’ll gladly add you in.  Together I’m confident we can create a pretty cool re-creation of Primaldom and bring the past ways of eating to the “Prezent.”

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