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PrimalChat coming to Twitter – Who’s In?

March 9, 2010

Living Primal.  Eating Paleo.  What does that really mean?

There are so many misconceptions about eating/living/going Primal (or Paleo).  The book, Primal Blueprint, is in the Top 20 in 3 categories under Health, Mind and Body.  That shows definitive interest in the topic.  But, there are many on the Fringe that need to know more about what being Primal is really about.  No, we don’t wear loin cloths nor carry clubs (well, maybe a few).  We’re not a “cult,” as one person mentioned in a recent blog post.  Primal folks are plain old everyday folks – the major difference is that we care about our bodies and have learned that our major food sources are tainted which can cause lifelong health problems.  We eat right now so that our bodies will enjoy a longer life later.

Healthcare costs are on the rise.  We can trust the government to do something about it (uh, yeah….).  But at the core, we must affect change at the grassroots level in the meantime and that means informing people that the way they eat is all wrong.  Our society is killing themselves everyday.  Companies put out ads and products that lead us down the path of poor health, even though they appear to be doing otherwise.  We see attractive middle aged ladies swinging while eating the latest Jello-Mousse product with the caption “Me O-Clock.”  Sure it’s a 60-calorie treat and if consumed by itself could be a nice indulgence every now and then.  But our society doesn’t stop at just one or two, do we?  “Hey, it’s low cal, so I can go for a few extra!”  And we do.

And if that isn’t enough, the sweetened products that say no or low calorie – can be as abusive to our bodies as adding the sugar in.  It’s called insulin response – and in some people, even sweeteners can elicit that response and pull you in to the horrible whirlpool called diabetes.  That’s where the Primal Blueprint and going Primal can help.  It’s all about moderating our insulin folks.  It’s a simple concept but often misunderstood.  And easily so since many of us didn’t get a degree in biology – but when you look into it, its not so tough.

OK, I’m going to get off my soapbox and invite you to tomorrow night’s inaugural PrimalChat on Twitter.  To participate, first log onto Twitter (assuming you have an account – if not, it’s pretty easy to do so).  From there you can use Twitter’s search bar or you can Google for other various Twitter search engines.  As you ask questions or answer, simply add “#primalchat” to the end of your message.  This is  called a hashtag and allows others to search for conversations occurring about primalchat in real-time.  You can reply directly to a person or pose a question – either way as long as you use the hashtag, others can more readily find your comments, even if they don’t normally follow you.  Twitter “chats” or forums like this are a great way to meet others, find new info and gain new friends.

I hope you can join the first #PrimalChat tomorrow night, Wednesday, 3/10/10 at 8 PM CST for the launch. The topic will be “WHY Go Primal?” and is fairly open-ended.  I see it as a chance for anyone to ask questions and seek to get answers from the wide variety of Tweets who are Primal.  You can use the #primalchat hashtag between now and then for any questions or leave them in the comment section below in preparation of the event.

Are you planning to join?  If so, leave a comment!

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