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Primal Chat is ready for viewing!

March 10, 2010

For many weeks I’ve been contemplating if I want to take the plunge and buy my own site so that I could have more control, more features and more flexibility.  Yesterday I decided – it was time to get wet.

Effectively immediately, you can now view my posts at my new hangout:  Primal Chat.  You’ll find the same great stuff you have always found (at least I hope so) and I think you’ll find some pretty cool new features.  Primal Chat is a test in progress, but I’m already liking what I see.  In an email conversation with THE Mark Sisson, here is what he had to say:  “Great job getting PrimaChat up and running. And great idea on the tagline – “Resolve to Evolve”… nice.”  One day up and running and I already have the “endorsement” from the GrokFather of them all!

The new site has an email newsletter I’m testing, social media links in the sidebar, book recommendations, a clever plug-in that lets you zoom in on pictures, videos and better navigation overall.  I really love the site and think you will, too.  Are you ready to “Resolve to Evolve?”  If so, come check it out.

On a related note, the first #primalchat was held on Twitter tonight.  Holy cow, the amount of people and conversation for 1 1/2 hours was overwhelming.  It was chaos and anarchy all at the same time.  There must be an art to doing these chats via Twitter, but I didn’t get the memo.  Well, there’s always more to learn.

I gained a few more friends in the Primal world and I hope that others new or foreign to living Primal can pick up some common knowledge from our talk.

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  1. March 11, 2010 8:40 am

    Jeff, you are the man! Primal chat is incredible.

    • March 11, 2010 9:11 am

      Thanks a ton, Kevin – let me know add’l areas I might add/consider. I am optimistic about its potential, but only with the support of the Primal/Paleo folks/community.

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